Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Bank Holiday Weekend away at Great Yarmouth

Well the weekend has come and gone - but at least we did something a bit different, we went to Great Yarmouth and had a really good time, the weather was very kind to us, and we found a nice B&B that didn't charge too much and gave us a hearty breakfast each day, the room itself was adequate.

You can see me outside Horsey Windmill, we stopped off here on our way up the coast to Cromer.

On the way we visited Happisburg - the lighthouse wasn't open to view, but I was amazed at the erosion that has taken place here, I reckon I was last here at Happisburg about 6 years ago, since then a road and a whole line of holiday chalets have dissapeared - into the sea I presume.

It will not be long before the next row of houses dissapear - I guess this will be their last summer as the sea defences have virtually gone and one big storm will take away at least another 15 or 20 yards. Its quite amazing the power of the sea and really little can be done about it.

Will check it out again in a few more years.

Eventually arrived in Cromer, I really like Cromer - especially the crabs, which we tried out and I have to say they were really tasty.

On the Saturday evening we went to an "old time music hall" production at Gorlestone, which was much better than I expected, though nobody dressed up in period costume. For Suri it was really good 'cos it was the first time she was able to use the LOOP properly with her new hearing aids and she was able to hear the jokes - which is a real improvement.

It was really odd 'cos I realised as we drove into Gorlestone, that I had been here with mum, it brought back lovely memories of this time - just 2 years ago, it's funny how the mind plays games.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

In case you forgot

Here is the photo of me receiving my certificate for long service - see earlier blog ... work it out.

It's been a bit quiet lately so nothing worth posting, seem to have been playing a lot of Bridge though lately. Oh yes we have now booked up for our Korea trip - we are off on the 30th September 2006 for 3 weeks - where we will be seeing David and checkin' out the sites.

Here's hopin' that the airport security is sorted by then. It all seems so basic and obvious, what they need is an Internal Auditor to come up with some real basic controls over security that work. Once again we seem to be bowing to American pressure, surely we Brits know a bit about security arrangements ... remember the IRA ... ooooops rambling on again.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Trains a bus 'n' horses.

On Thursday I went to see Dan and have a curry, a good night was had by all - thanks Dan, I guess it'll be my turn next time.

All went well 'till I was back at Stevenage station, waiting for the last train, standing there on the platform someone says there's no more trains but there is a bus - over there he points and its about to go, well I haven't run for a while but with a few pints inside I set off shouting for the driver to wait for me. I managed to get on just as it was leaving.

The driver says didn't you see the sign?" - well no I did not - wot sign - it was pointless discussing it anyway, so off goes the bus, going all around the houses, just over an hour later we arrive at Potters Bar, but of course the driver is not willing to drop me off at the station ( he should in case there are other unfortunate people waiting for him) as he is going on to Finsbury Park and he is already on the road to Barnet. So I get off at the top of Mutton Lane with about an half hours walk ahead of me. arghhhh.


Yesterday Suri and I went blackberry picking - its the right time of year now, anyway we was in this field, I didn't take much notice at first of these four horses at the far end of the field .

Well there I was picking these blacberries and I noticed these horses coming over, before I know it one of them is nosing up to me trying to eat the blackberries that I just picked. I wasn't having any of that so I tried to carry on, but the horse was bigger than me (you do not realise how big horses are until they are towering above you) and he was pushing me about a bit.

I decided that I had enough blackberries and it was time to get away as he was very persistent, so I set off back towards Suri, who was over by the stream, one of the other horses was a bit frisky and was galloping around - so we was a bit concerned by then as we thought they was gonna push us in the stream. Eventually after what seemed to be ages, we got away as the horses decided to have a drink in the stream.

The blackberries were good by the way, especially with lots of lovely cream.


Today we stayed in waiting for someone to view the house - but no turn up and no phone call - not too happy about that as it mucked up the day, decided no more viewings on a Sunday.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A quiet week for some.

But not for others - yes it's been a quiet week for me but not in the Middle East, - I have been thinking a lot about it and thought that I just had to express my thoughts about the whole thing.

If this offends you - just skip to the next blog - no doubt I'll find something more run of the mill to write about next time.

For me the situation is just crazy, with Israel having found the excuse to use some of its surplus stash of ammunitions, and for the American arms industries to do a bit of business - not that they need it of course.

The losers are clearly the young and older civilian population that used to live in the poorer parts of Beirut and Southern Lebanon.

No doubt you've seen the pictures on the news - there are many more and much more graphic on the numerous web sites and blogs if you are into that sort of thing.

To top it all the rest of the world keeps quiet about it all - letting the fighting take its course which seems to suit the Americans - as the Israelies do the work for the Americans.

Don't get me wrong I oppose terrorism - absolutely - 100%, but this was just not the way to deal with the Hezbolla fighters.

Speculating and looking into the future, the cost of this will be felt for decades to come I am sure - in many ways not just financial, but environmentally, politically and I am convinced it will destabilise the region indefinitely. I am sure there will eventually be a backlash against the Bush administration and indeed I think this will trigger the end for Blair. I hope this is sooner rather than later

What can we do - I hear people say - in fact very few people say anthing - it's just not discussed - I don't recall it cropping up at work at all - I did say something about the invasion to a work colleague and the topic was ignored and quickly changed to something else - I can't remember what - probably the weather.

Well I have written to my MP - I checked his web site - and guess what not a word on the subject - oh yes MPs are now on holiday - I forgot.

I did got a reply - a pretty standard reply on his behalf from his secretary, but I used my democratic right to tell my MP what my views were, and if everybody did the same then I think they would listen and the government would have to condem loudly and clearly the actions of the Israelies.

You may wish to add a comment - feel free to do so.

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