Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas is over

Been a while since the last blog, we have been busy looking at houses - we now need to concentrate on this as Suri has now agreed the sale of her house and so we press on with our search for the perfect little home - I have to tell you it is not as straight forward as I first thought, in fact it is quite hard work, and certainly lots of driving to and fro......

All in all Christmas has been a very pleasant time - it's great to receive pressies - and give of course, oh and no work - which can't be bad.

No snow here but Suri has been checking out the weather in Tehran and Soeul and there is definitely snow there. Check out David's blog - and see his snowman - some great pictures - over on the right of this blog - oh only after you've got to the end of this festive missive of course.

For once I don't think I overindulged too much. Is that a double something or other - gramatically speaking.

We had Martin staying with us which was great and Dan and Sophie visited - it was good to see them both. We agreed to do a bit of squash - I haven't played for many a year so that should be fun - then after that we agreed to reward ourselves with a pint - or 2 and a curry - what a good idea - even if I say so myself.

I've decided that it's time to replace this old PC, it was in fact Dan's PC - built by Gerry - I can't be sure when, but I think it's about 6 years old, which is getting on a bit in PC years.

So I have been researching and today as we took Martin back, we popped in to check out what's available and I think I've decided on an Acer 5103 laptop - it seems to do everything I need so all I have to do now is make that decision - not always the easiest of things to do - make a decision.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

New photos in Truprint

Just loaded up some more pictures from our Korea trip - check out the link on the right hand side.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nearly Conned

I thought I was not gullible, but ................... I was very nearly conned recently - it was all so plausible.

The tenants at my house have recently left so I was there with Suri, doing a bit of painting and cleaning up when this couple walked in and said they were the new tenants, well the agency had not told me this, but we were so convinced by them that we allowed them to leave some bags there.

He said he had a key and had signed the agreement and paid the rent - so it all seemed ok and they were very nice - offering to look after the garden and do some decorating. This is of course is what any landlord wants to hear.

So when I contacted the agent and they told me it was all lies, I was very concerned that the house may get squatted. As soon as possible I was round there and took their bags down to the agency for them to sort out and store.

Certainly a lesson to be learned.

I am hoping to rent it out before christmas but the garden needs doing and the carpets need cleaning so it will not be for at least a week, the agency said they had 3 Spanish teachers interested in it - so I am hopeful that it will be let before christmas.

Also Geoff came up for a visit it was good to see him, and to help him celebrate his birthday, Daniel, Sophie, Suri and me went to the local Chinese restaurant - Youngs, they were doing an eat as much as you like for a fixed price - it was very busy and very tasty - and very good value for money - I would recommend it.

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