Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rest of pictures from our trip to China

These are now on Truprint

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

A few more pics from Beijing and surrounding area

A view of the roofs of the Hutongs - close to the Bell Tower - soon these will all be gone as part of the constant redevelopment of Beijing

Writing on the floor - a local calligrapher writes some temporary words on the pathway.

Suri and a laughing Buddha

Not sure these are members of the real terracotta army - if so they must have deserted to the big city

Friday, October 12, 2007

Summer Palace and Kumming Lake - close to Beijing

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More pictures - The Great Wall of China

This is Badeling just North of Beijing, the wall is truly wondrous - it is very steep in many places, and must have been impenetrable, and the wall seems to go on forever in the distance.

It was very hot on the day we were there.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pictures from Beijing

As promised here are some of the 800 + pictures we took on our trip to China...

A recently repainted building at Jingsham Park, close to the Forbidden City.

The largest bell in the world

The largest drum in the world

A view of the bell tower taken from the drum tower

Roof tiles in the Forbidden City

Tienanmen Square

Friday, October 05, 2007

Last Blog of the trip to China

Still in Hong Kong - for the last 2 days we checked out the northern part of Hong Kong Island which included Wan Chai,Victoria Park, the Causeway and SoHo, and visited our final temple - this was at the serene Chi Lin Nunnery - not really a nunnery but there were nuns wandering around.

This place was immaculately clean and nobody was allowed to even sit and stare - the same was at the park across the road, where people were not even allowed to drink and eat - rather annoying really as it was so hot - there were guards policing this rule - even in an area that seemed to be for pic niking - very odd.

After our last meal in China - Roast Duck we picking up the bags, and headed via the MTR ( tube) to the airport where we were in plenty of time for our long flight to Gatwick via Dubai.

Hope you enjoyed the blogs - photos will follow.....

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hong Kong - our last place on this tour

Well the bed on the bus was not as bad as I was expecting it to be - Suri liked it less - as she kept watching the driver - as I have reported before the drivers are crazy in China - and he was no exception overtaking on bends and three or four trucks at a time - also at night the drivers all seem to use their beam - crazzzzzyyy.

Our final stop in mainland China was the border town of Shenzhen - here we got off the bus and crossed the road to the railway station, changed our currency from the Yuan to the HK Dollar - the rates are almost identical.

Before we knew it we were going through customs - very straight forward - though not entirely sure of the reason for the border - as HK is now part of China.

Then onto the train that whizzed us through the Northern Territories of HK and after a change onto the metro we arrived at Jordon and located our new room - just around the corner. Now we realised the difference - the last hotel in Guilan charged 100 Yuan a night - in HK its 700 a night - Suri tried her best to knock the price down - but no chance as its also the holiday period now.

So what have we done - well we have been on the ferry a few times across the harbour - we have been on the Funicular up to the Peak - that's the best viewing point - we have been on a tour to yet another temple and back to see the border - (finishing off in the usual jewelry factory .... boring) - and yesterday we went to see the biggest Buddha in HK - pretty impressive it was too.

Last night was the official holiday day so there were fireworks and a light show over the harbour, the whole thing was impressive - but there was a lot of waiting around - but there must have been about 100,000 people there the roads were all closed to traffic and it was amazingly well managed.

On our last few days now so better get going.


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