Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sudi arrives and we visit Poole and Bournemouth

It's great to have Sudi visit us - here Sudi and Suri are having a laugh in the back garden - not sure what about.

Sudi enjoys shopping - here she checks out Tesco's spirit section.

Suri and Sudi lounge about on the beach in Bournemouth.

Suri and Sudi in Bournemouth gardens.

Sudi in Poole Park checking out a listening device - the children love it - so did we.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A good day out in lovely Dorset

Yesterday - Saturday 10th May Suri and I went for a day out with Brod and Geoffrey, it was a warm day but not much sunshine but the main thing was it was not raining.

We set off for the Blue Lake which is close to Corfe Castle, the lake itself was part of the old clay mines that were around that area - in fact there are still some being worked close by.

We saw the small lake first, which I understand will be full of dragon flies a a few weeks - to prove it we saw one just coming out.

The grounds have some wonderful woods and rhododendrons, here we are deciding which pathway to take.

While we were there we had cake and tea - just right for late morning, and Brod and me had a go on the training course - no pic of that......

The lake really is a shade of blue as
you can see from this picture.

We then set off for the train at Norden - it was a special day for the Swanage Railway as it was a diesel only day - no steam engines for us on this day, here Suri is just before we got on the train.
Here's the link:

And where did the train take us - just further down the line at Harmans Cross where there was a beer festival - as you can see we tried a few.

After we had had our fill along with a burger n chips we got back on the train and headed for Swanage. I really do like Swanage, here you can see Old Harry in the distance.

By the end of a really good day what better way to finished it off than with fish n chips. I can taste them now.

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