Friday, March 27, 2009

Introducing our new neighbours

A pair of Blue Tits have taken up residency in our birds nest, which is at the end of the garden.

We put up the nest last year high up in our Palm Tree away from the cats - so it looks like a good spot.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gambia 2 weeks in the sun

Sue, Alan and I went for a relaxing break on the West Coast of Africa - see link for review of hotel - Badala Park 21st Feb - 7th March 2009

A roadside stop for a drink in the middle of nowhere on our Jeep trip to Senegal.

Sue and Alan took some pens for schoolchildren - here one of the schoolgirls showed her appreciation

Sue and Alan check out the local "weed" - a cash crop for the locals on this island in Senegal.

Underneath a famous Gambian tree at the entrance to Lamin Lodge.

Posing at the border of Gambia and Senegal.

Monkeying about at Ali Baba's restaurant.

Beach view close to our hotel - the sand and sea was just great .

School - end of term party on the beach - 100's of teenagers gathered to celebrate - dancing to drums and generally mingling.

Guess what we saw in Monkey Park - yep monkeys - but only a few as most of them had wandered over to the nearby hotel for some food and drink - left out by tourists staying there.

Our boat trip along the mangroves - a very hot day.

Smoked fish - in Senegal - I can not describe the smell - needless to say we passed by pretty quick.

The Main strip in Senagambia.

Canoeing up the creek - fortunately for us we had two oarsmen to do all of the hard work.

The approach over the mangroves at Lamin Lodge where we had dinner I had Oyster stew - highly recommended - and picked locally.

Enjoying a meal and an occasional drink in the evening in Senagambia

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