Thursday, July 16, 2009

A quick resume of the latter part of the trip

- as its becoming history now.

After Sonnenberg we moved on to Chimeney Bluffs a set of amazing sculptured cliffs along Lake Ontario, then Hamlin Beach Park, followed by 3 Mile Point before getting to Niagara - where we spent a couple of days.

We did both the Canadian and American Falls tours - best way really, as it was very busy and it would have been difficult to find all of the places, park up and get tickets.

The Falls were magnificent, the weather was very good on both days and each of the events were great - the Maid in the Mist boat trip to the edge of the Horseshoe Falls, going down sort of behind the falls and trip up the Stylon Tower - where we experienced the firework display - extended on this day as it was the 4th July - something about declaring independence from England - way back.......

After Niagara we were heading back, along Lake Erie, calling in at the Lake Erie State Park, then the Letchworth State Park where the Gorge was impressively deep and very narrow in places - the Grand Canyon of NY State we were told. We checked out the Silver Lake, the Senaca Lake where we eventually got to take a boat ride on one of the many lakes of NY State.

Finally we stopped at Watkins Glen, which is a must see, narrow gorge, cut out by the river - really an amazing place to remember.

Arriving back in Midland Park on the Friday I dropped off the car and as a treat Joan took us back to Manhattan to meet her son Shaheen and his partner Teresa - a very good - if boozy night was had - certainly by me .... and the others I believe, here we checked out the Tube and the yellow Cabs, had a meal and found a great bar - the Broome Street Bar - which was on Broome Street - yep.

On the Saturday we had a BBQ and Sunday we headed home via Newark.

Many, many thanks to our Host Joan who was absolutely fantastic letting us use her home as a base.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sonnenberg Mansion & Gardens
We arrived early to this lovely place, we were in fact the first there, we took the tour - just the 2 of us, later other people arrived but it was good to have such a personal service. The house and contents were fascinating, the gardens included a Japanese Garden, unfortunately the rain came again but it was enjoyable and I would recommend a visit if in the area.
Later that day I did my good deed of the day, - a gull had a fishing hook and line caught in its mouth, I managed to catch it and with the assistance of a passer by we managed to unhook the hook and disentangle the bird from all of the fishing line.
Letting the bird go free was rewarding ..... at least it would live another day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Finger Lakes
Today we headed for the Finger Lakes area, which amongst other things is famous for growing vines and bottling their wine - we checked out one of them with a tasting and decided to buy some to take back for Joan, there was a wide selection and it was difficult to make our minds up - but we managed eventually.
Then we found the highest waterfall in the region - The Taughannock Falls, we first of all viewed it from above then we walked along the valley and were able to get up quite close - spectacular it certainly was. This was followed by a stroll to and by the lake - Lake Cayage with a picnic in the State Park - these parks are really good with lots of facilities for fishing, picnicking, swimming and much much more.

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