Friday, January 14, 2011

Morocco - last trip of 2010 - first trip of 2011
The Cascades of Immouzzer - although at the time we visited there was not a great deal of water coming over the top.

In the Paradise Valley with the Oasis in the background - here we found a photo opportunity on the top of a shop.

Sunset on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic just North of Agadir.

Essaouira - Posing in the wall of the Castle Wall.

Essaouira fishing port - a very busy day.

A cliff top view
One of many good meals in the local restaurants of Agadir on the front.

The beach at Agadir - just great for topping up the tan - and the guys who sorted out the wind breaks etc were just great.

In central Agadir we found there was a local Moroccan pop star giving a free concert - everybody enjoyed the evening.

The view of Agadir Bay from the old ruined Kasbah

The Port as seen through a hole in the wall of the Kasbah

Arriving at the Fish Market in Agadir - here we had a good meal but was overcharged - a bit of a con really.

The Agadir Marina in the background.

Coffee Time chilling out in the Cafe watching the world go by.

The view of the Djemaa el-Fna Marrakesh taken from the roof top Cafe.

Snake Charmers in Djemaa el-Fna Marrakesh.

Lunch time again - Marrakesh.

So many Caleches

Typical market scene Morocco.

Butchers store in Marrakesh - lots of meat available.

Inside the Bahia Palace Marrakesh - one of many beautiful ceilings.

Inside the Bahia Palace Marrakesh - the ornate woodwork - apparently from Iran.

Inside the Bahia Palace Marrakesh

Outside the entrance to the Bahia Palace Marrakesh.

Trying to get in to the Friday Mosque - no success.

Agadir Marina with the words "God Country & King" on the hillside below the Kasbah - which is lit up at night - impressive.

A self portrait - with camera on timer.

Goats in the trees.

View of the restored Palace where we had a lovely lunch of Chicken Tagine and Couscous - close to Taroudannt in the Atlas Mountains.

Beautiful Bougainvilleas.

View of the Oasis.

Busy Taroudannt - trying to cross the road.

Carpet salesmen - no we did not buy.

Market stalls in Taroudannt.

Inside the Souk at Taroudannt.

Outside the Souk Market in Taroudannt.

On the ramparts of the historical wall around Taroudannt.

Checking out the Orange Groves on the way to Taroudannt.

Suri with her Arabic singer in a local bar on the front - Agadir.

Promenading along the main beach strip in Agadir - a very popular thing to do for everybody - locals especially.

New Years night - up to usual tricks.

Fireworks as 2011 arrives.

Party time - bye bye 2010.

Moroccan dance troop making lots of noise.

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