Thursday, September 28, 2006

Along the towpath

Last weekend we visited Waltham Abbey. Sometimes it's good to check out the local places, as its amazing how many times you think to yourself that's just around the corner and I never went there.

Apparantly King Harold lies there - yep the chap with the arrow in his eye, apart from that there are the remains of the monastery - that's Suri next to a wooden monk - which really does need a bit of TLC before it starts to rot away - the monk of course I mean, as Suri gets lots of TLC.

We went into the old Abbey, there was a service going on when we arrived so we wandered off into the old orchard, there were apples and pears everywhere and they were amazingly sweet, and not a slug to found anywhere, I couldn't believe it 'cos when the apples fall off of Suri's tree there seems to be an army of slugs just waiting for them to drop.

After Waltham Abbey we went to Lea Valley Country Park just down the road, had a cup of tea and then wandered along the towpath, it was really quite busy, and I sort of helped out at one of the locks - basically I leant against it and helped push back the gate. You can see Suri here near the lock.

All in all a lovely day.

Soon be off to Korea, just started a bit of packing, so all being well should be ready on time.

I hope to be able to do a bit of bloggin when I am there so check the blog out from time to time.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sad News ....

Since mum died I have been corresponding with one of my dad's sisters - Doreen.

This week I got a letter from her and she told me that my cousin Tina had died from cancer, I was really shocked, even though I had not seen her for ages.

I remembered her so well from my childhood, at one time me and Susan lived with Tina and her family for a few weeks - or maybe it was months - I'm not really sure, but there are some fond memories swilling around in my head.

She was younger than me by about 3 years I think, so once again this really has brought it home to me that I gotta live life to the full, as I will not know when it will be my turn.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leeds Castle

Been a bit lazy on the bloggin front as I haven't had time to do the typing.

So I thought I would post a few pics of our visit to Leeds Castle - in Kent of course, we had really lovely weather and the travelling there 'n' back was amazingly quiet considering its via the M25 and through the road works at junction 25.

Soon be off to Korea - really looking forward to the trip now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

This 'n' that

Came across this pic the other day, I know how Emma loves having her photo taken so I thought i'd post it forall to see.

As you can see Sue and Emma are real proud of Colin as he passed out in 2003. ... ( he usually passes out in another way.)

If you was wondering what the map was at the bottom of the blog - its a pictorial / graphical representation of my travels throughout the world - as you can see there's an awfull lot more to see - still the next one is not too far away as we will be in Korea for three weeks during the early part of October, so I will then add that to the map - hope you like the idea of the map.

David is arranging the accomadation - the first week at least, as we will be with him that week, 'cos he has most of the week off work, after that we will be travelling around - it's great planning which place to visit.


I was stopped the other day and asked the way to somewhere here in London.

As I answered she asked, are you from Yorkshire? - I thought I had lost much of my accent, but apparantly not - she was from Brighouse, which is next door to Halifax - where I was born 'n' bred - small world really - it reminded me to be proud of my accent.


All this business about Gordon Brown, don't people remember he's the guy that robbed all of our pension schemes by taxing them by about £5b a year and that's for about 8 or 9 years now so a quick bit of maths says it all.

argh .. "frying pan into the fire" comes to mind.

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